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Consultation & Speaking Services

Empowered Family Services director Bethany Walker also offers consultation services, workshops, and keynote services on topics of parenting through trauma, trauma and attachment, and creating a trauma-informed education setting. 

Bethany is approved to provide CEUs by the Texas Education Agency, and can also provide CE's for social workers and counselors. 

For more information, or to book a workshop or consultation service email

2023 Methodist Preschool Teachers Conference

Bethany Walker LCSW was the keynote speaker at the 2023 Methodist Preschool Teachers' conference, providing a custom keynote address on the importance of teachers as attachment figures for children, as well as workshops on "Taming Your Students' Trauma Dragons" and "Attachment in Early Childhood". 


2023 Early Childhood Education Conference

Bethany presented the "Taming Your Students Trauma Dragons" presentation at the 2023 Early Childhood Education Conference hosted by Region 7 Education Center. 


Your organization could be next! 

If your employees, clients, or families could use additional professional education on trauma, attachment, and parenting please reach out to us today! 

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